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Ecosystem projects

This page contains a list of projects built on IDX and the definitions that they use. This list is voluntary and likely does not include many projects in the ecosystem.

Adding your project

To add your project to this list, edit this page and submit a pull request.

All projects

Name Type Category Description Default aliases or other definitionsIDs
Web Playground App Demo A simple web app that demos Ceramic, IDX, and 3ID Connect
Sampi App Social Write, publish, and curate censorship-proof multi-media posts. Follow the feeds of other content creators and subscribe to ActivityStreams using HTTP (similar to RSS).
Kontext App Productivity A social bookmarking tool.
Self.ID (coming soon) App Identity A web interface for managing various identity-related IDX records. basicProfile, cryptoAccounts, threeIdKeychain
Portex App Investing Secure crypto portfolio management and social sharing application
Supersonic App Influencers Supersonic makes it easy to get advice from experts and fund your favorite blockchain projects
DIGID App File sharing An app to upload and share files and certificates using IDX cryptoAccounts, threeIdKeychain
IDX Ceramic Todos App Productivity A simple to-do app that uses Ceramic to securely store to-dos in smart documents Dev tools SDK All-in-one dweb development platform.
3ID Connect Dev Tools Wallet An authentication system that works with all blockchain wallets cryptoAccounts, threeIdKeychain
Identity Legos Dev Tools Misc A UI for verifying Github and Twitter accounts with IdentityLink; Code that integrates IDX with Sourcecred; and more
TrueReview App Social A censorship-resistant reviews platform
ColorDAO App Civic ColorDAO helps the citizens of Colorado connect with their government through incentives and take an active role in their community
Star Relay App Social ⭐ Film yourself doing something cool and challenge your friends and their friends to do the same! Own the historical moments of video relay challenges and sponsor your favourite charity cause!
LAZY NFT APP App Utility An app that allows you to Lazy Mint and List NFT to Rarible. basicProfile