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Core libraries


js-idx is a JavaScript/TypeScript client for adding IDX to your project. It is compatible with any JavaScript environment including vanilla web apps (desktop and mobile browsers), front-end frameworks (React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js, Next.js), server-side frameworks (Node.js), and native mobile frameworks (React Native).

Install IDX SDK

Utility libraries

IDX Constants

idx-constants is a library that provides references to the core definitions and schemas supported by IDX. along with TypeScript definitions for their records.

Install IDX Constants

IDX Tools

idx-tools is a library that provides various development utilities such as publishing definitions, publishing schemas, creating Ceramic streams, and checking schemas.

Install IDX Tools

Developer tools


idx-cli is a command line interface for interacting with IDX from the terminal. The CLI is used for creating schemas, creating definitions, discovering definitions, testing, and more during development time.

Install IDX CLI